Blogging for Business [Notion template]

Write better content, faster

Maybe, you can write your own destiny, but you sure can write great content that gets discovered. Discover step-by-step process to write content that gets organic traffic from search with this Blogging for Business template (Built with Notion)

Free wordpress blog setup

Master the art of writing amazing content

Content writing is frustrating, especially when the content doesn’t get discovered on search. One can’t write better without a smooth system in place. 

Curate, write & grow your content to a point where you can start monetizing & scale your startup using amazing content marketing that works.

Here’s what I have packed inside this dashboard to help you with guaranteed results. 

The first step to get organic traffic with ease is to organize what you want to write, unorganized content strategy is like trying work on a messy work desk.

You can’t grow something that’s not tracked. Keep track of everything that you can fully control in one place.

Pre-defined content writing framework to give you an angle to think in the right direction. 

Dedicated database to store all your ideas & research stuff in one place. 

Sail two boats smoothly, one boat is content and second boat is the social media where you promote your content.

As a creator, you will have a ton of tasks at hand. Manage, organize & create those tasks with ease in one place.

Maintain all the details of your existing users in one place. It can be subscribers, sponsorships and more. 

Even a well-equipped system cannot promise efficient work if the people operating it aren’t aware of the Standard Operating Procedures. Use the SOPs added to the template.

An operating system for your content

With more and more people realizing the power and ROI that creators can yield from content writing, it’s becoming more and more popular. 

Imagine how good you’d be at something, if you’d done it everyday since 2011. I didn’t have this system since beginning. Consider this template as an extract of all those years of writing. So anyone from a beginner to marketing team of an full fledge startup will find this template useful. 

All you have to do is duplicate the template. If you don’t have signed up for Notion yet, click here to get started. 

Free wordpress blog setup

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yep! Notion is free to begin with and the free plan covers a lot of ground if you’re just getting started with writing. It has more than enough for a creator with minimal requirements. I use pro for my personal needs, you can upgrade after getting used ot the tool.

I understand. Notion has not got the attention it deserves. While I prepare personalized lessons on Notion for you, watch this video to get started. 

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Due to the nature of this template, I have to make this safety net for the betterment of both of us.

Sure. Book a consultation call & we can talk about problems related to content marketing.


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