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SEO shouldn’t be boring. I have seen a lot of misconceptions about SEO on the whole.

There are several Facebook groups where people post their blog links and invite people to visit their link, post a screenshot and in return, they will visit their blog.

The same happens with backlinks. Relevant or not, people exchange links. It’s so frustrating. Here’s what changes with Letters ByDavey.

What comes with the Letters ByDavey?

A lot of effort goes into making every single edition of these letters, here’s what you get out of those efforts.

Tools & add ons

Tools are the roadmap to success. I’ll share such tools with you. 

Case studies

Crowd source growth from the good & bad execution

Pro SEO Tips

Tips that you won’t find on the surface of the internet by Googling. 

SEO jobs, articles & TL;DRs

Get juicy summaries, hot jobs & more

6 new tips, every Monday

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