About Me

The about page is the second most important page of any website/blog. So I’ll come straight to the point.

Hello there, I’m Shubham Davey

Note: Since this is the second most important page of a website/blog, I want to leave a good impression. So it’s gonna be a bit of a long post. Get some coffee & hang on.

I’m is on a mission to help one of the youngest nations in the world, India (that’s my primary target audience). I want to help the younger population (primarily) of my country to leverage the power of the web to build a personal brand.

Two reasons blogging is a niche that’s famous in India, 65% of the population is under 30 years of age & everybody in that age bracket wants to make money online.

At least start some side hustle, if they’re already into a job or currently pursuing studies.

That’s my goal, that’s my target audience & I want to share all that I’ve learned since 2011 via this blog.

If you’re here for the first time, I want to welcome you to this blog – A community for beginners to learn profitable blogging on WordPress.

This blog is for those who want to learn about blogging, SEO, WordPress & make money online.

Here’s what you will find here:

  • Practical guides that will teach you various concepts of blogging, SEO, WordPress (Guides, how to’s & troubleshoots) & make money online.
  • Community of fellow bloggers who’re ready to help each other & bring the community to higher level. (Dedicated forum coming soon)
  • Guides & case studies ideal for freelancers, niche professionals, beginners who want to build a personal brand by blogging, & more.
  • Introduction to bloggers who’re making it huge in the blogging industry & learn the practical experience from them.
  • Free & paid products/courses/workshops for various concepts of blogging, SEO, WordPress & monetization.
  • ….and many more exciting stuffs

I have multiple blogs targeting various niches & communities, but this blog is the most exciting & ambitious project & I’m very possessive for this blog.

Apart from these things, there are a handful of things that you won’t find here. Here’s what:

  • Quickfire ways to make money online. This is not a betting website. Sorry! I don’t know how to get rich quick without inviting attention from CBI/FBI.
  • Forbidden ways to get traffic to your blog. I teach you 100% white hat SEO techniques. I don’t have experience in doing something backdoor that makes sense only for a while. I play the long game. Good things take time.
  • I have bachelor’s in computer science, but I don’t have hands on experience of programming. So everything I share about WordPress won’t include anything that includes programming. However, I’ll link to relevant sources where ever required.
  • Just like anything else & any other job, growth takes time. You can’t have hundreds of thousands of visitors in one month. Growth comes at a cost, in this context, the cost is time. If you have a mindset of having let’s say 100k visitors in a month, this community isn’t for you.

About me (Shubham Davey), how it all got started?

Yep! That’s me. Decent photographer. I’m rarely seen in front of the camera, posing.

Shubham Davey talks about anything that leverages personal brand, blogging is just one of them.

As I’ve mentioned above that this blog is one of my most ambitious projects, hence I’m too vocal about blogging, as a profession (on this blog & other platforms as well).

I have a lot to say, but I’ll stick to the context & share what matters the most.


I was never into marketing, at all. I used to hate marketing as a kid. I’ve grown up seeing salesperson running door to door only to end up sell hardly anything.

But maybe my destiny wanted something different. During my college days, I was exposed to blogspot. I wanted to get into blogging since school days but didn’t know where to begin.

A friend of mine created an account for me on Blogspot & my first ever post was a complete copy paste from another website – The post was about how Instagram was blocked in Iran, I remember it clearly.

Fast forwards a few months, I was able to get around 30,000 pageviews a month on my blog. I was on cloud 9.

This streak continued for a couple of months & then I decided to move to WordPress. I heard that I’d have better control of my blog. Thanks to the lack of awareness of the difference between wordpress.com & wordpress.org, I ended up creating a free wordpress.com blog, which was basically the same as what Blogspot is, in fact, I find Blogspot better that the free wordpress.com blog in so many ways.

I lost all the traffic from Blogspot & I took forever to get used to WordPress. I unknowingly killed my blog. I had to begin from scratch, but this time with experience.

That’s when I started blogging almost fulltime (I had a job as a fulltime source of income) & never looked back since then.

That was a bit about me, now let me talk about where I want to reach – the next milestone.

Future goals for this blog

I started this blog in 2019 & since then have grown substantially. Though I didn’t have a plan right from the beginning, I came up with a plan on the way.

The biggest hiccup came this year in April, when my blog was hacked & I lost all the content. Every single thing I had published since 2017.

I was devastated, but I knew this was a good thing somehow. I got myself together & started writing guides that were published earlier from scratch, this it was heavily thorough & well thought.

Results left me in a shock. I got more traffic that last two years in 3-4 months. I wanted to update the content anyhow, so the hack was a good thing that happen to me.

As part of future of this blog, here’s what coming your way.

  1. Academy: I’m working on courses & workshops that will help you learn various concepts of blogging, SEO, WordPress, monetizing your hobbies. You can join the waitlist here. There will be free webinars too. Everything is on the table & under preparation, will update you on this soon.
  2. Forum: I planning to create a Facebook group/Slack/Discord community for the users to interact with the fellow mates of this community to interact & help each other. I’m planning various activities & programs to keep the community engaged. I’ve tried forums under this blog, but that brings a lot of spam & occupies a lot of space. Hence Facebook seems a better option.
  3. Blog walks: Thanks to the pandemic, my non-profit plan of running around the country for spreading awareness about blogging & meeting the people of this community has gone to the trash. Once things get better, I will consider that too. But for this to happen effectively, I’m working on promoting this program so that we have maximum attendees. If not physically, we’ll do that digitally. I’m also planning to do this quarterly.

This pretty much covers everything that matters the most. With this blog, I want to change how people think of the Internet. I want to try to give financial freedom to people who think they can change the world with the knowledge they have.

This blog is just a fragment of what I want to build. It’s most ambitious & a long-term investment for a reason. With this blog, I’m trying to change the mindset of people who think the internet is only for games & social media.

I want to help them build a profitable blog that makes money for them. With this as a foundation, I want to take the game to the next level where the blog becomes your identity & the credibility of that blog as your personal brand.

Personal brand, that’s what I do the best.

Join my journey on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. You can also join my newsletter to stay in the know.

This page will be the least updated as most of the things will not change, except the future plans. If you’re here for the first time, check out the blog section to learn more about blogging, SEO, WordPress, & make money online.

Let’s keep in touch & be the change.