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For Aspiring bloggers

Start a blog

Start a blog to take the step one of your blogging career.

Make Money Online

Leverage the web to make money online.

Master Adsense

Find the highly updated guides on Google Adsense.

Install WordPress

For advanced bloggers

Find more relevant readers & some more readers.

Easy guide on improving WordPress SEO.

Follow this framework to do more in same amount of time.

For Early stage Startups

Get started with marketing your business online.

Perfect recipe to find customers & build an audience.

Find the evergreen path to organic traffic from Google.

Make SEO, your core competency

I write value-packed letters for Solopreneurs & Founders & I call it “Letters ByDavey. Subscribe to get exclusive content that will help you get “Free, Evergreen Organic Traffic” from search engines. No Spam! No BS! One Email. Every Saturday(10 AM IST).

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