Shubham Davey - Digital Marketing Consultant in Vadodara, India
Shubham Davey

Hi, I am Shubham Davey.

I build successful ONLINE businesses.

I'm determined to help businessowners & entrepreneurs build their ideas into a world class brand. My only question is, will it be yours?

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1:1 Coaching

I will help you harness your idea into a business. An idea won't grow business on its own.


Have me as an advisor for your business. I'll be the ring master & run the show along with your team.

Social Media Consulting

Social media is the quickest way to establish your brand. I can help you get started & get you off the ground.

On-site training

Already have a team who're turning the rocks into diamonds? Have me train to polish & shape those diamonds into precious asset.

Personal Branding

Brands are the solution. Build a brand for yourself. You can't pay the bills for long if you're not focusing on branding, be it personal branding or for business.

SEO Consulting

While you're focusing on building yourself as a brand, don't defocus from SEO. If Google is your love, I'm the cupid. I can help you get the love from Google.

Hear from people I have helped

Prathamesh Dixit
Prathamesh Dixit

Shubham is great asset for your investment. Shubham has helped me throughout with his expertise in taking my business online. His serious dedication and keen interest in client requirements with friendly approach makes him special from the rest!

Travel Photographer
Personal branding
Nikhil Adojra
Nikhil Adroja

Doing great job. Shubham has good command on subject knowledge. The thought process, the research, data representation and the right content on right time have impressed us, more than it has helped us. Especially his daily insightful tweets.

Founder, Kangaroo Class
Building online presence for Kangaroo Class
Nilesh Suryavanshi
Nilesh Suryavanshi

Shubham has good command over his words. The thought process behind the each sentence is awesome. I would definitely recommend him to others for digital marketing. Best of luck, avenger.

CTO, Cerebroz Edutree LLP
Content writing & SEO for Cerebroz Edutree
Gokul NK
Gokul NK

I always love to work Shubham because he understands the bigger picture and has you covered. Having somebody who is good at both SEO and content writing is rare and we have it in Shubham.

Founder, Aziteez, Bitfolio & Learning Paths
Content writing & SEO for

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