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Looking for growth?

Everything you need is on the other side of your fear & self-doubt.

The other side

Your idea needs direction & I can be the compass. Keep moving forward with your business ideas and I will help answer the questions you have on the way. That's what this community is about.

Private community of online business entrepreneurs, The Doers

I have created this community to help online business entrepreneurs with SEO that further helps you with visibility on search engines.

Inside this community, you will meet like-minded people, get your questions answered, learn from the experts, and more.  The out-of-the-world perks would cost less than a pizza or two per month.

Why have I created this community?

When I started blogging back in 2011, I had literally no idea about anything related to blogging.

I was newly introduced to the internet & I wish I knew the basics of computers so at least that would’ve been the source of content ideas. Everything I knew (computer programming & a little bit about computer), I didn’t think was enough to share. Self-doubt they say.

Either way, I started blogging. 

Fast forward to 2021. I have a ton of experience of failing at so many things around blogging, SEO & marketing in general, that it will save several years of your of trial & error. I don’t want you to commit same mistakes that I did, it’s not that there was no one to correct me, it’s just that those people weren’t accessible unlike now.

The journey was lonely, depressing & agonizing. I had to figure out everything. I had to take care of coming up with content ideas, promoting the existing blog posts, updating them, taking care of SEO, networking on social media. I was the CEO, “Cheif Everything Officer.”

I have created this community for people like, I was a decade ago. Clueless, lonely, overwhelmed & facing knowledge gaps & housing a ton of unanswered questions that were holding back my growth. I don’t want that to happen with anyone who wants to run their businesses online. That’s the sole driver for me to build & invest into this community.

Who can join this community?

You can be anyone. A photographer, a painting artist, a freelancer selling your services of graphic designing, video editing, or any skill you can think of. If you want organic traffic from search engines, this community is for you. 

As long as you’re determined to help yourself and put in the efforts required to grow your business, I’ll help you answer questions about SEO, marketing & the growth of your products/services.

I’m looking for doers, dreamers can wait. Your growth is your responsibility and I’m just a medium, a catalyst. Your business idea needs visibility. That’s what you get from this community. You drive, I’ll direct. You have questions, I have answers & solutions. 

Introducing SD Pro

Yep! That’s what I’m calling it. This insider program is a private community of online business entrepreneurs. If you haven’t started a business yet, this community will not be a right fit “yet”.  However, if you want to learn from people already executing various business models, you can be a part of this community but with one catch. You have to execute what they do, I’ll help with all your questions but you have to put in the effort. Deal? Lastly, I have a couple of courses in the making for beginners who want to start an online business but have no idea where to begin. 

The whole decorum of this community is designed to help people who already have a business (no matter the size) and are looking for growth of their online business. 

Here’s what the Insider Program has to offer, but isn’t limited to:

  • Live QnA

    I will conduct weekly QnA sessions to answer any questions you might have related to the execution you made that week. I will entertain your questions only if you've executed something or if your questions are useful for the community. If you're not putting efforts for your own growth, I won't even address your questions. We will even crowdsource solutions to give you different perspectives to think.

  • Free Courses

    Lifetime access to several hours of courses (on various topics of SEO & digital marketing) & how-to guides will be available for free to everyone, exclusive for this community. This is to save countless hours of research to find reliable learnings to do various things related to an online business.

  • Guest Lectures

    The most exciting segment of this community are the guest lectures that I will arrange for the community each month. Guests who'll take lectures will be established leaders of their respective niches. Can it get any better than this? I think not.

  • Giveaways

    To make this community even more exicting, I will organize giveaways at regular intervals to incentivize your efforts of growing your online business.

  • Skill based learning experience

    Learn various specialization skills required to run a business online. This will be a mix of a cohort-based learning & self-paced experience. The specialization courses will be available to you at a discounted price.

  • Engaged community

    You can be as powerful as the people you hang out with. Find like-minded people and grow your network & mindset with them. Again! No-self promotion and poaching will be tolerated.

  • Premium Newsletter

    I have a premium quality email newsletter. Emails that are short, sweet & to the point. And guess what, those emails will be readable in under two minutes. You will get all the emails in the community, so that you don't have to hunt for these emails in your inbox.

  • Surprise! Surprise!

    I have a lot of surprises planned for you in the pipeline. You will have to stick with the community to find out those.

Culture of this community

This community stands for a culture that will speak for itself. I don’t want anyone to be a part of this community, who doesn’t put in the required efforts and then crib against the community and/or the industry that it doesn’t work. If you’re looking for someone who can show you shortcuts to make money & grow a business online, there are a lot of scamsters out there. This is not the place. I want this community to be the place where sustainable businesses are born & grow.

  • Ask Questions

    This community is welcoming & is all about helping each other. Each and every member is responsible to maintain the decorum of the community. Everyone should feel at home while here.

  • No Descrimination

    Discrimination in any form is absolutely intolerable. Everybody is equal & gets everything they're entitled to irrespective of their race, gender, ethnicity, or physical ability.

  • Responsibility

    I've dreamt of a community where members are eager to create opportunities to help people not only within this community but beyond this ecosystem as well. We are the future, let's act like one. Create more jobs, create businesses that solves world problems. I'm looking for Doers.

  • Privacy

    You're allowed to get in touch with members, but for casual talks, this is not the place. Any inappropriate & unwelcoming approach will result in an immediate ban.

  • Professionalism

    We're business people with a growth mindset. We can't afford to have hatred, dirty tricks, & jealously. If you see someone getting ahead, clap for them, support them, take inspiration for your aspiration & make sure they don't fall back so that you too get all that when you need it the most.

Don't take my word for it!

I don’t like boasting about myself & that’s not credible as well. So see for yourself what fountainheads behind emerging startups & brands have to say about me. 

Prathamesh Dixit Travel Photographer

Shubham is great asset for your investment. Shubham has helped me throughout with his expertise in relevant areas during the period of my website building. Whenever I have queries in regards with SEO or digital marketing, he is the go to person for me. His serious dedication and keen interest in client requirements with friendly approach makes him stand out from the rest ! 

Nilesh Suryavanshi CTO, Cerebroz Edutree LLP

Shubham has good command over words. The thought process behind each sentence is awesome. I would definitely recommend Shubham to other for content writing. Best of luck, avenger.

Nikhil Adroja Founder, Kangaroo Classes

Doing a great job. Shubham has good command on the words. The thought process, his research, data representation and the right content at the right time has impressed us. I especially like his daily thoughtful & engaging tweets.

Gokul NK Founder, Learning Paths

I always love to work Shubham because he understands the bigger picture and has you covered. I rarely supervise the work he does as I can trust him with doing the due diligence and getting something done. When I give him a topic to write on, he spends enough time researching it, takes the pain to draft something and edit it couple of times before publishing it. As an added bonus he is also good at SEO and takes care of the same for every article he writes. Having somebody who is good at both SEO and content writing is rare and we have it in Shubham.

    Join the waitlist, before the registration closes

    SD Pro

    If you have any questions, get in touch on social media or email

    Probing FAQs

    Sure! I'd love to meet & talk with you about this community. Feel free to book a free 15 minutes discovery call.

    As long as you want. I have created this community for every online business entrepreneur to keep building connections. If being in the community can help you with that, so bit it. I'll be happy to have you. 

    I have designed the whole decorum of this community for the member's growth. The internet is either filled with outdated information or impractical information. Even if you find legit information, you will have questions while executing the steps. 

    That's where this community steps in. I will answer all your questions that might have to fix a broken link between a growing business & a struggling online business. And, there are mouth-watering bonuses for everyone in the community.

    Apart from your questions being answered, I have planned to add courses (free & paid), interviews with industry leaders on various topics of digital marketing for entrepreneurs from various walks of life. 

    Since this community is a mix of various industries and marketing channels, I will also bring experts from all the industries and marketing channels to help you with your business plan as well. 

    If you're determined to help yourself by executing regularly only then you will benefit from this community. 

    If you don't participate in the Live QnA (which is the most exciting part) you will be missing out on a lot of value since the whole community will come together and brainstorm for ideas & solutions. 

    Sure, you can join the live call, but you personally won't benefit in by any means if you don't execute. 

    Here's a shocker. I have a set number of seats that'll get early-bird access to the community. 

    $15/month or $150/year is what I've decided for the first few people. After I have a predetermined number of people in the community, the price will increase. Unless you buy info-products or specialization courses (yet to release) you will not pay more than $15/month or $150/year.

    As part of this community, anything I create will be available to you at a discounted price. 

    Nothing! Although I wish you to stay as long as possible considering the exciting events I have planned for the community. 

    It's on you to decide for how long you can keep executing what requires to build a sustainable online business. That's the only commitment I want from your side.

    It's subjective. I want you to win. If you think you need help with the initial steps of your business before you even start it, sure this community will welcome you. 

    However, if you simply join and do nothing, I'd recommend consuming my free content on my blog & join my newsletter to learn the basics of digital marketing & business. 

    I can't be more proud of you! You've made it to a point where you face real-life problems. 

    Although this community is optimized for beginners only, I will recommend you to check out 1-on-1 consulting for personalized, private & practical solutions for your business.

    I have a set number of members after which the price will increase. This is a token of respect for the early birds who joined in the founding days of this community. 

    This is ridiculously low when compared to the value I put on the table. So if you join now, you will be able to lock this price for as long as you're a part of this community. New prices won't be applied to you. Never!  

    I'm setting the environment for the community, I urge you to join the waitlist to get informed about any updates in this regard. 

    As long as you want to be a part of this community. While I'd love to have to you forever but I don't want that to happen. I want you to be self-dependent. I want you to fly solo, I just want to give you a start you deserve.